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Dealer Portal

Dealer Portal

Online solution for cooperation with dealers – the reliable wholesale tool: it reduces the company's costs, saves time of employees, guarantees the accuracy and timeliness of all the information.

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Social Network Development

Social Network Development

Development of online services, platforms or sites, that focuse on building and reflecting social relations among people who share interests.

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WEB100. Platform realizes flexible role model of rights separation from company side and from partners side that provides isolated levels of data access.

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Our Last Projects
Desktop client for the Handson social network
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WEB100 Technologies has developed an independent application that allows users to add, upload, synchronize files between local client and the Handson social network. Also, the application notifies user about the activity on the site and informs him about the new messages and sends reminders.
Handson social network for Stanford University
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WEB100 Technologies has developed and tested a "liberal arts and sciences online Handson", a web-based application for Stanford University. This application manages the various university systems.
Handson, framework of social network
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WEB100 Technologies provided the Information Methodologies company with services for the development and testing of software-based framework for J2EE technologies for creation the institution social network., social network of healthy lifestyle
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Wellsphere is a social network oriented on people interested in a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.Network is aimed at promoting the improvement of people's health by providing educational materials, articles, news and a platform to unite users.Social network offers communication, information sharing, blogs, articles and news, photos and videos, various widgets, tips and other tools.
The main features of the site are:
Subsystem of User Profile;
Social ties system;
Announcement System;
Online shop;
Content Management System;
SEO subsystem;
Lists of vacation spots and Profile Management subsystem.
Full cycle of product quality control included:
Manual testing, development of test plan and test cases;
Performance testing throughout the whole development process;
Acceptance testing of the product releases;
Development of the automated testing concept, installation tests, running installation and regression tests.
At the stage of product use and support our team performed the following:
Setting up databases and designing highly loaded project infrastructure;
Настройкой производительности проекта;
Site hosting;
Content management;
Analysis of views and SEO.
Our company also performed architectural and technical planning and performed programming while working on this project.
"Incident Management System" (ticket system) of the Shell Retail Ukraine company
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Maintenance of a large number of technical objects, geographically dispersed over a large territory, is a complex and unformalized tasks of technical support. "Incident Management System" (ticket system) of the Shell Retail Ukraine company is specially designed for the customer needs and provides support for a large number of subsystems of the gas stations network, such as engineering support, fuel quality control, logistics and ensure of the fuel delivery, as well as issues related to occupational safety and health. The system supports a hierarchical territorial organizational structure of the Shell Ukraine gas stations network.Web-oriented architecture of the ticket system allows to organize the effective work of a large number of the support services participants and contractor companies. The system provides the ability to categorize tasks by the level of promptness and importance of the decision that allows performers to orient in priorities and quickly respond to a particular incident. In addition to this problem it is possible for task initiator to fix expected term of the problem solution.Besides the improvement of control over operational tasks, the built in subsystem statistics makes it possible to carry out a detailed analysis of the performance of separate services and individual performers, which is very important in improving of company business processes and determining the efficiency of individual employees.The system provides the following roles for the company employees: "System Administrator", "Project Manager" and "Executor" as well as "Executor" role for the partner company employees.  "System Administrator" role functionality:
Adding/removing/changing users' accounts.
Level control of user access to projects.
Adding/removing/changing the list of active projects.
"Project Manager" role functionality:
Adding/editing/removing tasks.
Appointment of responsible executor for the task execution
Tracking progress of tasks' execution.
Attaching files to the tasks.
Adding comments to tasks.
Changing the tasks' status (New, Assigned, In process, Executed, Returned back for revision, Closed).
Prioritize tasks (Urgent, High, Medium, Low).
Print reports on the tasks.
Export list of the tasks' brief description to a Microsoft Excel document.
"Executor" role functionality:
View a list of assigned tasks.
Adding comments to the assigned tasks.
Changing the tasks' status (In process, Completed).
    EUROFOTO Company and Online Printing Service FotoBOOM Has Launched Online Photo book Editor on FotoBOOK.Platform Basis

    WEB100 Technologies, a Ukrainian company, has successfully accomplished implementation of online photo book editor FotoBOOK.Platform for a Lviv company Eurofoto and FotoBOOM in Baku.

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    Fotobook.Platform Release Version 2.0 – Online Platform for Creating Photobooks – Was Announced at the International Exhibition Drupa 2016

    WEB100 Technologies Company has announced a new version 2.0 of photobook online editor FotoBOOK.Platform, along with a visual editor for photobook templates FotoBOOK.ThemeEditor V 2.0.

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    Lithuanian printing company Manofotokniga has launched an online photo book editor based on FotoBOOK.Platform

    На 16-й Международной выставке Drupa 2016 была представлена новая версия 2.0 онлайн редактора фотокниг FotoBOOK.Platform в комплексе с визуальным редактором шаблонов для фотокниг FotoBOOK.ThemeEditor V 2.0.

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